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Game Recap
by posted 01/19/2020

Good Evening,

Great game today!!!!  Last time we lost 8-0 to Berkshire, we only had 7 skaters.  Today we only had 8 skaters, 2 from Peewee B, and we stayed with them the whole game.  We started off down 4-0 after the first, but then we out scored in the second 2-1 making it 5-2, in the third we each scored 1 making the final score 6-3.  I honestly feel if we had 2 more players to equal 2 full shifts we would've beat them this time.  Regardless it was a very fun competitive game!!!  With only 8 skaters kids were constantly doing double shifts, we never gave up and played hard the whole game.


Thank you for the Support!!!


Bantam Black Coaches

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Weekend Recap
by posted 01/12/2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This weekend was very difficult, we had 4 kids sick the entire weekend, all 4 missed the game Saturday and 3 of the 4 missed Sunday.  We did have a few Peewee B players help out thankfully and they did a good job, but it isnt the same as having your full Team.  Saturday we played the Capitals they are a strong Team, this is the second time in a row we had to get subs from Peewee B against them.  After starting off slow (4-0 in First period) we hung with them in the second period (1 goal to none) and then we got winded in the 3rd.  I thought we played hard and as good as could be expected considering the circumstances.  


Today was a VERY exciting Game!!!  Despite the low scoring, we tied 1-1, there was a lot of action.  I did feel the penalty calls were one sided until the 3rd period, but then the other Team got 2 in a row and we kicked in some extra energy.  Amherst scored in the 1st, they had a 5 on 3 and Tim (Who was playing very sick) saved like 6 shots in a row before one finally got by.  They did outplay us in the 1st, the second ended up 0-0 and I felt like we played a little better then the first, we had a few really good chances.  Joey played fantastic especially at the end of the 2nd he made like 4-5 saves in a row!!!  In the 3rd we started off a little slow, but when they finally got a penalty called against them we turned it up a notch.  It wasnt until they got their second penalty of the third period that we finally tied it up, David took the puck end to end and put it right by the goalie!!!!  At that point there was less then 2 minutes left.  Then Bert and Josh (Peewee B player) had a 2 on 1 with about 40 seconds left and their defense barely tipped the pass, that wouldvee been really interesting had it gotten to Bert.  Tim played great in the 3rd helping us secure a Tie game!!!  Considering we were missing 3 players, we had a short bench and Amherst had 3 full lines, I must tip my hat to these kids, they never give up and they fight until the end.


Thank you so much please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!!!


Peewee Black Coaches

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