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Game Recap
by posted 02/23/2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Wow that was a tough game, it was obvious we hadn't played in a few weeks, we were beyond rusty in the first period ending down 5-0.  In the second we played better only letting up one goal and we actually had a few chances ourselves.  In the third we had one really good chance with about 20 seconds left, but overall we had a really tough game.  The puck was in our end 95% of the game, that is never good.  We went back to flicking the puck and not looking before we pass, that never works out well.  On a positive note none of the kids gave up, they played until the end, they are a great group of kids and continue to be a pleasure to coach.


One more game left and a handful of practices before Evals for next year.


Thank you Everyone!!!


Bantam Black Coaches

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Registration for 2020-2021 Season
by posted 02/22/2020

Good Evening Everyone,

I wanted to reach out and remind everyone that if your child intends to play next year registration closes tomorrow.


I know a few of you are thinking about the Southwick JV Rams, my advice is it is possible to do both Westfield and JV, it is NOT recommended to do Westfield if you end up on Varsity for the Rams.  It is a lot to do both, but my thought is doing just the JV Rams might not be enough for some kids, they only practice once a week and the season is fairly short compared to WYH.  Some kids that get burnt out by the end of the season might prefer that, others may not.  As a Coach I had no issues at all with David and Lucas playing both, it worked out fine.  I thought making that known might help you with your decision.


If you have any questions at all that I can help with please do not hesitate to reach out, I will answer as best as I can.


See you all tomorrow at the game!!!


Thank you,

Coach Bill

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Game Recap
by posted 02/10/2020

Good Morning,

This weekend we had another exciting game, despite losing 3-1 we played by far the best game we've had against Nonotuck all year.  We ended the first down 1-0, it was very competitive, I could tell the kids were excited.  In the second we each scored 1, Sean had a great goal with a nice assist by Ryan.  We were able to prevent them from scoring when we had 2 penalties forcing a 5 on 3, that was awesome!!!  Again we competed the whole period.  In the third they scored 1 and we didn't manage to put one in the net, we did have multiple chances.  We ended up losing 3-1, again by far the most competitive game we've had against them.


I know most of the kids are intimidated by # 2, rightfully so, that said they played tough and even blocked a few of his shots.  I know Spencer and Ryan both hurt their foot blocking his shots.


The kids should be very proud, the improvement we've made from the beginning of the season until now has been tremendous!!


We only have a few games left I will be focusing some of practice on preparation for evals, these are only a few weeks away.


Thank you so much!!


Bantam Black Coaches 

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