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Saturday Sept 21
by posted 09/18/2019


Saturday will be a Scrimmage/Independent Game against Nonotuck, please make sure the kids bring their jerseys.  


I know a few of you had plans this weekend, if you can’t make it please let me know ASAP, we already have a low amount of players so I want to plan accordingly.


Also if you haven’t heard after our game WYH is having a get together to celebrate the anniversary and spend some time together before the season officially kicks off, see below-


The rink has also graciously offered us the use of the outside area near the deck hockey rink to have a little social gathering from 5 pm – 9 pm so please bring the whole family to hang out.


Board members will be manning the grill. We're cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers for $0.50. Please be respectful and discreet as this is a public place, conseal your adult beverages in a cup and cooler.


Please also, consider bringing some snacks and desserts to share.


Come celebrate hockey and this great organization as Westfield Youth Hockey hits it's 50th Anniversary!



WYHA Exective Board


Please reach out with any questions.


Thank you!!!


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Saturday Sept 21
by posted 09/16/2019

Good Morning Everyone,

Saturday shows a practice at 5pm, it also shows the 50th Anniversary Event.  I just found out this day was set up for all WYH Teams to have independent/scrimmage games.  I’m actively looking for an opponent, I will keep you updated, I just wanted you to be aware this is most likely going to be an independent game.  Also more to come on the Days events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.


Thank you!!!


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Tournament Information
by posted 09/13/2019

Thank you Colleen Forest for taking the lead getting this information!!!


See below all, I just booked my Townhouse and it was $189 a night, feedback I have received is the ones we blocked at the Golf Course are beautiful.


Below is the information needed for your team to finalize the stays at the resort. Please feel free to forward this information on to the team for reference when calling to reserve.



TEAM NAME:  Westfield Jr Bombers Bantam B

DATES OF BLOCK: 11/14/2019 – 11/17/2019


Team members when calling to the resort at 800-451-4449 will need to mention the above listed Reference number so that we can ensure they are reserving into the correct block.


Any rooms held are released at 30 days prior to arrival,  Team members are still able to reserve after this point at the discounted rate however we cannot ensure that they will be in the same location as originally held rooms.


We are currently holding 11 rooms for your team in the Golf & Mountain Cottages, however by calling into the office and using the above referenced number we will be able to offer the discounted pricing for the Timberline Cottages/Condos and other lodging locations.


Any members wishing to stay in a different location than listed need only tell the agent when booking and other locations can be checked for space.


Vermont has a 9% Rooms and Meals Tax

Jay Peak Resort has a $26.00 per day Resort fee plus tax


Deposit policy-  All reservations must have a valid credit card applied at the time of booking. Deposits are automatically taken at 14 days prior to arrival.  Deposit required is 50% if the reservation stay.


Cancellation/Changes policy-  Once at the 14 days prior to arrival the deposit does become nonrefundable any changes made to the reservation such as releasing an extra night would be subject to the cancellation policy which would be 50% of the night released. 

In the event that the tournament is cancelled any deposit policies will be waived.

Balance of reservation is due upon arrival. 


Have a great day and please do not hesitate to get back to me with any questions.


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by posted 09/12/2019

Good Evening Everyone,

The Tournament for Nov 14-17 is Booked!!!  We will look at the possibility of doing another more local one later in the year, I will see what the consensus thinks about this on Saturday.


I did find out the first games are the earliest Thursday Night so no one should need to stay Wednesday Night.


We will discuss more on Saturday after Practice, but I wanted everyone to know since I put in the No Play Dates and Booked it.  The other No Play dates I submitted were February 15/16 (Presidents Day Weekend), that always seems to be the toughest weekend to get anough players to show up. 


Thank you!!!


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Tournament Update
by posted 09/11/2019

Just wanted to update everyone, we have 9 in so far, a few are still looking into things.


The following are In-

Spencer, Tim, Joey, Lucas, Sean, Ryan, David, Michael, and Bert


Waiting on Jesse, Kevin, and Dylan.  I noticed some e-mails are going to my junk folder so if any of you responded and I didn’t get it please let me know.  Kevin I did get yours.


Thank you!!!


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Tournament Feedback
by posted 09/10/2019

Good afternoon,

I wanted to share feedback I received from one of the parents that went to this tournament last year-


We love Jay Peak.   We did this same tournament last year, and yes it is so much fun.  Also when someone goes to book rooms, they allow you to pick what is the best price per family as options.  They offered our team options to pick from.  
We stayed at the townhomes on the golf course, and the price was great.  I know some families chose Jay Peak Resort, but that was a lot more $$ per night.  
Also most games began Thursday night, so many families were able to book Thursday to Sunday.   


I thought this would help for those that were concerned with Wednesday night.


So far I have 3 Yes’s, 5 if you include my boys.  No one has said No yet, if we go this route we will book Walmart ASAP to fundraiser and cover the tournament fees.


Thank you!!!


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Tournament Need a Response ASAP
by posted 09/10/2019

Good Morning All,

I apologize for the late notice, but “No play dates” are due this week so I’m trying to book a Tournament that coincides with the dates I give.  Also in order to get certain more desirable Tournaments you have to book them Early.


I asked around and everyone I’ve spoken too says Jay Peak is an absolute blast, they also say you need to book it prior to winter.  First because the winter weather can make the drive brutal and second because lodging doubles in price once skiing starts.


That said I checked with the person who runs the Tournaments and they have an opening in the Nov 14-17 Tournament that fits the level of our Team.  This Tournament starts on a Thursday, until the schedule comes out we won’t know if it requires an overnight stay Wednesday.  It guarantees 4 games, most guarantee 3, that explains the extra day.  It’s $1295 what is reasonable.  We can book some fundraising between now and then.


Please let me know if this works for you, I want to make sure as much of us as possible can attend before I put down a deposit, the deposits are NOT refundable.  If you could please let me know prior to Wednesday it would be appreciated.


Again I’d love to do this Tournament, it’s something I feel will produce many memories for the kids and parents, but I need to know ASAP if you’re able to attend.


You can reply to this e-mail or text 860-303-9357.


Thank you!!!


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by posted 09/09/2019

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I would like to have a Parent Meeting Saturday following our practice, I show 10:30-11:50 practice so assume 12 noon.  I would estimate it will take 30 minutes or so.  I will have some tournament information with me we can talk about, I’ll go over a few things, and I want to open it up for any questions you may have for us.


A few things before the meeting, we could use a Team Manager and/or split up the Team Manager duties between a few folks.  Kerri has volunteered to do the Game Sheets and Funds, this is one of the key Team Manager responsibilities, thank you so much Kerri!!!  Having someone to take the lead on Fundraising and someone to take the lead on a Tournament or possibly 2 would be great too.  If you’d like to volunteer please reach out.  Both Kerri and I have done both, we will be here to help anyone that volunteers.


Thank you!!!


Bantam Black Coaches

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by posted 09/07/2019

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

I wanted to give a quick update on a few things, first I wanted you to know the Kids effort today at practice was outstanding, I skated them hard.  The biggest opportunity I saw was passing as well as properly receiving a pass on the 2 on None drill, we will continue to work on this at practices.


I have coached many of your kids in the past so this may not be New to all, but I feel it is important that I let you know what I stand for as a coach, I went over this with the kids today-

1.  ONE TEAM- We Win and Lose together as One Team, I do not condone puck hogs.  Each player has different skillsets and we will push/coach them to improve based on that individual skillset, but blatent hogging of the puck and kids worried about their stats more then the Team will be addressed accordingly.  

2.  Respect- I expect respect for the Coaches, respect for each other, and respect for the officials/opponents, this is self explanatory.  Compliment each other for good plays and pick your Teammates up when they make mistakes, if you do not make mistakes you are not trying hard enough, focus on learning from mistakes instead of beating yourself up for making them.  Additionally it is the Coaches job to address any issues with the Officials, not the players on the Ice.  

3.  Effort- We expect 100% effort, players will never develop to their full potential without Effort.  A common mistake kids make is trying harder in games then practice, you develop a lot more in one practice then in a one game, if you only try your hardest in games you will never reach your full potential and you will stunt your development.

4.  Have Fun- This is an amazing Sport, we are here to work hard, develop, and compete, but it is important we have fun doing it.  The kids will be a much stronger Team and develop a lot more if they are having fun and look forward to coming to Hockey.


Thank you so much everyone, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about anything, having open communication between parents and coaches in very important as well, we are here to help in any way we can.


Have a great day!!!


Bantam Black Coaches


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