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by posted 07/31/2020

Sorry I've had a few people reach out on 2 subjects so I thought I would send to all in case anyone else is wondering the same thing-


1- I listed rink numbers, I should have clarified this IS at Amelia Park, they are doing half Ice and in doing so they are calling one side Rink 1 and the other Rink 2.


2- Can the players that weren't able to participate come to support their teammates?  Yes they can just follow the guidelines of social distancing and wear a face mask.


Sorry about the confusion on the Rink location!!


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Tournament Schedule
by posted 07/31/2020

Good Morning!!!

The tournament schedule was just posted, they also assigned us a Team name, we are the Zambronies.


8/22- Rink 2- 12:10pm vs Holy Name

8/22- Rink 2- 7:10pm vs Bomb Squad

8/23- Rink 1- 12:10pm vs No Regretsky's


8/23- Finals for top 2 Teams at 4:50pm


Thank you!!


Coach Bill

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Tournament Update
by posted 07/28/2020

Great News the Tournament is Full and Approved!!!


See below this is the message just sent from Aaron-Michelucci-

Update…the tournament is FULL!  We were able to get a team from the Rifles for Bantam B!
I’ll begin working on the schedule and should have it out shortly.  I met with Amelia Park this morning to go over the logistics for everything:
- Locker rooms will be used…there are no more than 10 people allowed in each room.
- There is not a limit to spectators other than common sense around things like don’t come if your sick and you must wear a mask in the building.  
- Spectators must remain 6 feet apart unless you are from the same household; Amelia Park will help keep everything easy
- There is 30 min between each game to allow for cleaning the benches, locker rooms etc.
- It will be ok to have your team, parents etc. use the parking lot to have food, dry equipment etc. We just ask for common sense regarding social distancing
- We likely won’t do a face-off to start the game; we will figure out a way to fairly start each game
- We will have to start at 7AM both days
I'm looking forward to some Hockey!!!  I do recommend you try your best to get on the rink prior, last I checked Amelia has some skating options, and the old Stick Time Sports (now Mass/Conn United) is another option.  I will follow up with more information as I receive it.  For those that weren't able to participate due to the player limit we would love to have you join us and cheer us on.
Please reach out if you have any questions.
 Thank you,
Coach Bill

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