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Thursday Scrimmage
by posted 01/18/2021

Good Evening,

This Thursday during our scheduled practice 8-9pm we will be having a scrimmage/independent game against the Amherst Girls Team.


We will be White Jerseys, we plan to have officials and a scorekeeper just like regular games.  We only have 50 minutes so we will do 12 minute periods just like peewee.


Any questions please reach out, this should be a lot of fun.


Thank you 


Bantam White Coaches

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Game Recap
by posted 01/17/2021

Tough game today Everyone,

The kids did hustle, but it is clear that 3-4 kids are intimidated and/or scared when we play FCHA, this puts us in a huge disadvantage.  In addition most of our kids do not like body contact, going against a Team that is faster then you the only way to slow them down is body contact.  The last glaring difference was FCHA constantly did snap shots and snap passes, we have a lot of opportunity with this.  In many cases we take so long to set up for a shot by the time we are ready they already took the puck.


These are things we will focus on in practice, these opportunities really only show against Teams like FCHA and Holy Name, if we work on them we will be more competitive as a whole.


That said we did get one goal, Bert had a great faceoff won back to Ryan, Ryan took a snap shot and Owen was in position for the rebound, Owen reacted quickly and put it right in the net!!!!!


Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone!!!


Bantam White Coaches


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Game Recap
by posted 01/16/2021

WOW!!!!  A lot to write about on this recap, we told the kids prior to the game if anyone didn't hustle their entire shift we were going to assume they were tired and give them extra rest, we wanted to make sure we didn't repeat last weeks lack of effort.  I am not sure if that motivated them but I can tell you this is the first game we hustled the entire game, we won puck battles, we played aggressive, and we back-checked.  We did have some opportunity with passing to the other Team, we did that way too often, and a few times we had puck control opportunities, we will work on that.  That said we asked them to hustle the entire game and that is exactly what every player did!!!


Before I begin the period by period recap I want to Congratulate Nick for earning our Second Patch of the year, Nick almost earned 2 patches scoring 6 Goals and 2 assists!!!!  AMAZING effort and Hustle!!!  For those not aware you can Earn a patch for a Hat-trick (3 Goals), a Play Maker Patch is getting 3 Assists, and the Goalie gets one if we get a Shut-out.  Once you earn a patch you do not get another if you repeat, you can only get one of each category each year.


The first period was fairly even, they scored the first goal against us, but we tied it up with a great goal by Nick and Jack getting the assist!!!  Both Teams played tough this period, we did recognize one of their defensive lines was very slow, between periods we encouraged the kids to dump and chase and take advantage of our speed.


The second period we started to turn it on more, Nick scored 2 more goals, one unassisted and one was from a solid assist from Owen!!  It seems like every time we scored they came back and tied it up, and that is exactly what they did.  Thankfully before the period ended we swarmed their net and Lucas knocked a loose puck in to put us up 4-3 before the period ended.  Bert and Logan both got assists on Lucas's goal.  This was a solid period, very competitive on both sides of the Ice!!!!


The third period, with the exception of one shift, we outhustled them the entire period and we got a lot of shots on their goalie.  Nick started off the period with his 4th goal, Mikie had a great assist!!!  Then, unfortunately, we had one shift where we made some mistakes and we weren't aggressive enough, we gave up 2 goals on one shift, this put the score at 5-5.  Then we poured it on, we played some of the best Hockey we have played all year.  Ryan scored a rebound goal putting us up 6-5, this goal consisted of multiple rebounds, the assist went to Nick, but Bert was right in there too.  Then Nick got another goal with a great assist from Logan putting us up 7-5!!!  Sean then scored off a great assist from Lucas putting us up 8-5!!!  Nick scored another one putting us up 9-5, the assists went to Jack and Lucas.  After getting 2 penalties at the same time they scored a fairly quick goal on a 5 on 3 power-play putting the game at 9-6.  We weren't done yet, Mikie scored the last goal of the game off an assist from Nick!!!!  End score was 10-6, we were so excited for the kids, they played so hard and they earned this win!!!


What was most impressive was the amount of shots and rebounds we got, this was the first game we hustled after every rebound, it paid off huge!!!!  Prior to this game the most we scored was 5 goals, we just doubled that, 5 different kids scored and 7 different kids got assists, that is called a FULL TEAM EFFORT!!!!!


See you all tomorrow!!!


Bantam White Coaches

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Pennysaver Pictures
by posted 01/15/2021

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Chrissy Colbath just informed me that the Pennysaver has multiple pictures of our game against Amherst in it, you may want to find out where to pick one up or if you have one and typically throw it out you may want to save it.


If anyone has multiple and can share with others that would be great or if you find more that would be great too!!!


Thank you Chrissy for passing this on.


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Game Recap
by posted 01/10/2021

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Tough 4-1 loss today, we got outplayed and outhustled in the first, despite this Owen kept us in the game and we ended down 3-1.  It didn't help that we had 3 penalties, it is tough to get things going when you are short handed.  That said their first goal we scored on ourselves, they didn't have a player near the puck, that was unfortunate, but it happens.  Their second we left their player wide open in the high slot, they made a good pass and a great shot.  Their 3rd goal we had a player not paying attention, the puck was right next to us and the other Team came and took it and went and scored unchallenged.  We did manage to squeek a goal by their goalie before the period ended, Sean hustled and got his own rebound ending the period 3-1.


The second period we kept up better, but again penalties hurt us, we lost Bert for most of the period.  We had a bunch of chances in front of their net, their goalie played well, but we also missed some key opportunities.  This period ended 0-0.


The third we played tough, again we had opportunities but just couldn't seem to get it in the net.  We got 2 more penalties and they took advantage during one and scored a powerplay goal.  This period ended 1-0.


Overall we were not concerned with the Penalties, the other Coach and I spoke afterwards and he even said a few should not have been called.  We want the kids to play more physical, none of the penalties were blatent or foolish.  We did have some issues with effort, several times we had kids just give up on the ice.  I made it clear to the kids after the game that this isn't fair to many of their Team-mates that are working their tails off, we need full effort from every player every shift.  We are unsure how to teach kids not to do this, we will focus on making them aware and if they need extra rest we will give it to them, we are not sure what else we can do with this.  Hopefully we do not have the issue going forward.


Have a great rest of your Sunday!!!!  


Bantam White Coaches

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Game Recap
by posted 01/09/2021

Good Evening Everyone,

Another Exciting Game!!!  This was a HUGE WIN for Bantam White!!


We got outhustled the First period, but thanks to the Great play from Owen in net we came out on top!!!!  Nick chipped in as well with an unassisted Goal to end the period 1-0.  We were happy with the passing and the fact the kids played more physical then usual (this is something we asked them to do), but despite the 1-0 lead we did get outplayed in the first.


In the second period we each scored one goal, their goal could've been prevented, we watched their player skate in and shoot without challenging him.  Our goal was a fantastic rebound shot from Bert while we were shorthanded!!!  We ended the 2nd at a score of 2-1, in the second we felt like we hustled more and continued our physical play, this period we thought reflected the 1-1 scoring, it was an even period overall.


In the third Owen had another SHUT-OUT period!!!!  Mikey got a great rebound off of Logans shot/pass, this was a well needed goal to give us a cushion on our lead.  In the third we had more chances then the other 2 periods, we felt we played our best period of the day.


As a whole we were very happy with the play, but we do still have to work on our hustling.  If one player stood out in this game and honestly the past few weeks of games it is Bert, he is a great example of we we are looking for from a stand-point of hustling and determination.


See you all tomorrow!!!


Bantam White Coaches

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