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Outdoor Practices
by posted 10/24/2020

Good Evening Everyone,

We have been cleared to practice outside during the same time period our regualr practices were scheduled, this is great news!!!!


Here are the rules:

- The arena won't be open for anything (including bathrooms)

- Parents need to stay in their cars / away from the outdoor rink area

- Players must minimally wear masks, helmets and gloves on the rink

- We will cancel for bad weather


Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to practice time, this will give us time to let everyone know the agenda for the practice.  Initially we are going to spend the majority of the time on positioning, but we may do some passing and/or puck/ball drills too.


Please reach out if  you have any questions, practices this upcoming week-


October 28 Wednesday at 7pm

October 29 Thursday at 8pm


Thank you!!!


Bantom White Coaches

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by posted 10/23/2020

Good Afternoon,

We are working with Amelia park to continue practices, we will utilize the outdoor rink (weather permitting).  There are things we can do outside that will benefit us, some of the things we need work on like positioning might actually be better to do outside.


Tonights practice is cancelled I'm waiting for more information, I will pass it along when I find out exactly what is needed to practice outside.


Thank you everyone!!


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Hockey On Hold
by posted 10/23/2020

Good Morning Everyone,

I am sure most of you are aware, but just in case you aren't Hockey in the state of MA was put on a temporary Hold.  Right now it is until the end of the month, I will continue to update everyone as I receive more information.


As far as the Tournament is concerned NH also shut down Hockey, they had 158 Hockey related positive Covid Cases, their pause is also until the end of the month, but they have specifically said their concern is Teams leaving the state or teams entering the state.  My guess is it will be cancelled.  We did find out the Deposit for the tournament is refundable.  We are looking into the Hotel as well.


We will keep you updated during this fluid situation, it is disappointing, lets hope they figure out a safer way to enjoy the sport we all love!!


Any questions please do not hesitate to reach out,


Bantam White Coaches/Managers

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Game Recap
by posted 10/18/2020

Good Evening,

What an exciting game!!!  The kids played so much better today, this game was very competitive, that's exactly what we are hoping for.  I know it ended in a 3-1 loss, but we didn't get outplayed.  It was a very exciting game to watch.  We did get a lot of penalties again, this made it difficult, especially in the third period.  Several players only got 1-2 shifts in the 3rd because of penalties.  We have a few things we still need to work on, but that is to be expected this early in the season.  Playing position and looking before passing, as well as puck control and talking to each other on the ice are a few things we noticed today.


We will do our best to find out the future rinks rules so we know them in advance I know that threw us off some.


Thank you for the support, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Bantam White Coaches

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Game Recaps
by posted 10/17/2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,

That was a tough first game, Holy Name clearly had faster skaters, overall they were a better Team then us skill wise.  That said we came out very flat, we weren't aggressive at all, we watched them shoot and get rebounds most of the game.  We felt bad for Owen, in several cases he made 2-3 saves in a row and it seemed like we just kept watching them shoot until it went in.  In addition we didn't cover our points in our zone, 8 out of their 10 goals were due to these 2 issues.  They scored 3-4 from the points and 3-4 off rebounds, most of those could've been prevented.  We will work on this more in the upcoming practices.  It also didn't help that we got so many penalties, it is diffiuclt to get things going when it is 5 on 4.  The penalties were not blatant, we weren't upset with any of the kids over them, but they still make it much more difficult.  On the positive side after an awful first period we showed signs in the second period and I thought the third period we had our strongest effort.  In addition despite some issues none of our players stopped trying, we should all be proud of this.  We lacked Grit in many cases, but we didnt give up. 


We told the kids in the locker room to keep their heads up and learn from this, tomorrow is a brand new day, we need to come out more aggressive and ready to play.  We do not expect the rest of the competition to be as strong as Holy Name was, but time will tell.


See you all tomorrow!!!


Bantom White Coaches

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Quick Note before First Games
by posted 10/16/2020

Good Morning,

Here are a few things I left off my last communication-


1.  If you haven't already I recommend getting the kids skates sharpened before this weekends games, we've had a lot of Practices and they should all be due for a sharpening.  I do my boys every 10-12 times on the ice.


2.  They will not let kids play without mouthpieces, please make sure every player has one.


I'm looking for to a fun competitive weekend!!!


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Game Time!!!!
by posted 10/14/2020

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope you are all well, we are very happy with the progress the Team has made and are very excited about the official start to the season this weekend!!!



- ALL Players need face coverings on the bench, I recommend the Gators you can lift up and down.  Only Centers need them on the Ice and that is only during Faceoffs.

- NO Checking

- Bring your own water Bottles please


Game Information

- Saturday is at Amelia at 10:30, please make sure players are dressed and ready at 10:15.


- Sunday is at Greenfield (Playing Amherst), it starts at 3:10, due to the small locker rooms we will only allow a few kids in at a time to get ready.  Please plan to arrive by 2:30 so we have plenty of time.  Again this game is at the Greenfield Rink.


Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Thank you!!


Bantam White Coaches/Managers

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