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WYHA Apparel Order

WYHA Apparel order has arrived!!


Items have arrived for all those that placed WYHA apparel orders this fall. We have scheduled a pick-up time for these items on Thursday 12/11 from 5:00-6:30 in the Amelia Park Conference room.

by posted 12/09/2014
Congratulations Bantam A and Peewee A on Thanksgiving Tournament

Congratulations to the Bantam A Team for winning Thanksgiving Classic in Hanover, NH.


From Head Coach, Denis Cloutier, "We wound up going 4-0 facing some really good competition, but "finding a way" to win each game.  It was a great effort by a great group of players who represented Westfield admirably."

Results were as follows :

Fri 11/28    Jr. Bombers  3    ECHO Stars    1      (Eastern Conn Hockey Org)

Sat 11/29   Jr. Bombers  4   Saratoga Blue Knights  3    (Saratoga, NY)

Sat 11/29   Jr. Bombers 5    Barre Blades  4  (OT)       (Barre, VT)

Sun 11/30 Jr. Bombers 6     Lakeshore Panthers  2    (Montreal, Que)



Congratulations to the Peewee A Team for Runner-up in Thanksgiving Tournament in Avon, CT.

The Peewee A team faced very strong talent from around the region this past weekend to finish 2nd place.  They never gave up and had to come from behind several times to advance.  The Bombers went to the championship undefeated at 2-0-1 however a very good Avon team beat the Bombers in the final.



by posted 12/03/2014
Choosing The Right Hockey Stick Flex

The flex of a hockey stick is very important.  The right amount of flex can help improve the power and accuracy of every shot in hockey. Alternatively, too much or too little flex can negatively impact power and accuracy. 

So what is a hockey stick flex anyway? 
A flex is a measure of how flexible or how stiff a hockey stick is when force is applied to it. Since the flex rating indicates how many pounds of force it takes to flex the stick one inch, you should know that some sticks are significantly easier to bend than others. Finding the right flex is somewhat of a preference based on skill level. The appropriate flex varies among players, so you'll want to try out different options. 

The higher the flex, the stiffer the stick. The stiffer the stick, the more power you will have behind your shot. Keep in mind that if a stick is so stiff that you cannot flex it properly with your shooting motion, then your effectiveness will be limited. 

Younger players do not have to worry as much about flex because they are still learning the fundamentals of shooting. If you are still learning how to shoot properly, as a young player, you will not be ready to utilize the flex. 

How does flex impact play?
Essentially, when a player takes a shot, the stick bends a bit to turn the hockey stick into a spring of sorts. When the stick unbends, the "spring" is released and the energy accelerates the puck. You want a stick that offers resistance while still allowing you to flex the stick easily. 

What flex is right for me?
Ideally, the flex should be approximately one half of your body weight. Players over 150 pounds should use a stick with at least 75 flex. Obviously, this is just a guideline and your own comfort and ability to use the stick effectively should dictate the flex you use. Players with above average strength for their size should consider a stiffer stick while new players may want to go down a level. An average flex is 85. 

You can test the stick flex, by using your normal hand position on the stick and holding the stick with the blade on the floor. Hold your top hand stationary and push down and forward with your lower hand. You should be able to flex the stick about an inch without using all your effort. If you are unable to flex the stick this much, then the flex is too high. 

Women and smaller players tend to benefit from an intermediate stick. Intermediate sticks are similar in size to senior sticks but have a lighter flex. 

The most common stick flexes are: 
Youth: 40 flex
Junior: 50 flex
Intermediate: 60-75 flex
Regular: 85 flex
Stiff: 100 flex
Extra stiff: 110 flex 

Remember that finding the right stick is a personal choice. Guidelines are just that... guidelines. Be sure to try different styles until you find one that fits your playing style and level of play.

Does Cutting A Hockey Stick Affect Flex?

Yes it does, most sticks available today have a guide printed on them that will indicate how much flex your stick will have depending on how much you cut it. As a general rule every 2 inches you cut off will increase the flex by 10. An 85 flex stick cut down 2 inches will now be a 95 flex hockey stick.

If you need to cut down a senior stick quite a bit then consider using an intermediate hockey stick. This will give you the appropriate flex and stick height that you need.

by posted 11/24/2014
Planet Hockey Summer Camp returning to Westfield MA

Dear Westfield Planet Hockey Recruit,


You are invited to participate with a $30 Discount to the upcoming Planet Hockey Westfield SUPER Skills EpicCamp:


Westfield, MA

Amelia Park Arena

August 17-21, 2015 (Monday-Friday)

Discount Code (copy & paste): 335-594-1523303015052990




BONUS:  Register by December 31, 2014 for only $99!  The discount code below will permit you to lock down your camp spot now for only $99 (deposit) and you will still receive a $30 camp discount.  Your balance is not due until 7/3/2015.  Expires 12/31/14.

Don't miss your chance to participate in this top quality Planet Hockey a GREAT discount!  My family is a huge supporter of Planet Hockey and we are honored to represent Planet Hockey by endorsing the Planet Hockey Camp coming to Westfield, MA this summer.


Discounted Camp Fee:  only $439.  Save $30 | Regular Camp Tuition:  $469


Westfield, MA   FILLING FAST! (Space is limited)

Planet Hockey TOTAL Player Development SuperCamp
Camp Focus/Features:  Power Skating – Quickness, Mobility, Speed & Efficiency | Stickhandling | Scoring  | Small Games | Team Play | Body Contact, Battles & Puck Protection | Professional/Certified International Staff | Dryland Training | Video Lectures & Focus Sessions | Personalized Player Evaluation & Video | Free Camp Jersey | STP Program | Pre-Camp Preparation Workbook | Final Day Game & much more!



  • Copy and paste the discount code above into the 'Discount Code' field on the last page (payment page) of your online registration.
  • Goaltenders – do not enter above discount code, goaltenders receive a 50% discount (off of full tuition).
  • Discounts cannot be combined.  Largest discount always applies.
  • $99 camp deposit option expires on 12/31/14.  Limited enrollment.  Camp space still available…register today
  • For camp details and/or to register


3 ELITE Camps in 1
 TOTAL Player Development

  • SUPER Skills Camps provide Planet Hockey students with the most COMPLETE hockey skills training & innovative training methods available: Power Skating, Stickhandling, Scoring, Small Games, Body Contact, Puck Protection and Team Play.  Plus, each player will receive our exclusive pre-camp preparation workbook, post camp player evaluation, video & video training tips and a free camp jersey.  View camp features
  • Supplemental Training Program (STP) offered at this camp!  Receive 1 additional hour of on ice skills training the first 4 days of camp (4 day program).  This optional 'add on' program will conveniently extend your day by 1 hour.  Players LOVE this program.  Limited to 32 total players.  Learn more
  • All New ELITE SuperCamp format - All 2015 Summer programs are ELITE workshops specifically designed for players who are serious about improving their hockey skills. These ELITE camps follow the same format and methods we use when training NHL and European professional players.
  • This camp will be instructed by Planet Hockey Certified Instructors
  • Testimonials





We expect this camp to fill quickly, so register before it’s too late.  Planet Hockey limits group sizes, so REGISTER NOW to ensure your spot and discount in the upcoming 2015 Westfield, MA Planet Hockey SUPER Skills Camp.


See you at Planet Hockey this summer!


Timothy McMahon
Planet Hockey Camp Rep.

by posted 11/18/2014
Blazing Speed Christmas Break Clinic


Dec 29,2014 - Dec 30,2014    Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


W.Springfield, MA Christmas Break Clinic - 2 Days of Intense Overspeed Power Skating Training - - Olympia Ice Center – West Springfield, MA December 29 & 30 Group A – 10am-12pm (8-11yrs) Group B – 12pm- 2pm (12 & up) Mon-Tue (2-Days) 4 Hours on Ice $89

by posted 11/06/2014

One of the most important development tools for any young player is to have a hockey stick that suits him/her. A long stick (at or above the chin on skates) can be detrimental to a child's development. A stick of proper length should lie with the blade flat on the ice when standing on skates, while holding the knob in the palm of the hand (for most, this is a stick cut shoulder height on skates). A stick of proper length will enable players to handle the puck close to their body, make back hand passes, develop more power in their shot and help them control the puck when moving laterally.

More importantly, proper stick length is required to develop proper skating mechanics. Players with sticks too long for them, straighten up to compensate and do not acquire the deep knee bend vital to improving stride length and frequency. Forward skating requires players to have a 45 degree upper body lean and obviously a long stick impedes this as well.

You can confirm the correct stick length by looking closely at the wear of the tape on the underside of the stick. If the tape is worn close to the tip, then you should probably consider a long stick. If the tape is used in place near the heel, then you probably should consider a shorter stick.

If you have questions regarding your players proper stick length speak with your child’s coach.


Tim McMahon

Communications Director

by posted 09/11/2014
USA Hockey
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Berkshire School - Sheffield TBD (12/18) 
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