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WYHA Golf Tournament - Needs Volunteers

Hi Everyone-


The 1st Annual WYHA Golf Tournament on October 5th at Tekoa Country Club.  Chris "Bubba" Bard and Lynn Grant have been working diligently to make this fundraiser a success for our organization!

     We need your help!

Volunteers are needed to cover the raffle table, and manage the "hole in one" and "closest to the pins".  (Teams of 2 are needed to manage these holes). 


       If your spouse/family member is golfing and you just want to join them for dinner, you can purchase a dinner only

      option......If you volunteer part of that cost will be waived!

     Deadline for dinner only is Wednesday, October 1st. 

All info is on the WYH website & you can contact Bubba Bard at 348-7048 or Lynn Grant at 896-0504. 

Thank you in advance for your support!  

      WYHA Executive Board

by posted 09/26/2014
Please Note New Date for Apparel Fittings


The date and time has been changed for WYHA Apparel & merchandise fitment. We will be in the conference room at Amelia Park from 5-7 pm on Tuesday, September 30th. Many of the items available on the web store can be seen and tried on prior to purchasing.


by posted 09/22/2014
WYHA Picture Schedule


        *All Players need to be fully dressed and ready 1 HOUR PRIOR to their scheduled practice

          for team and individual photos.

        *All Players need to wear their BLACK game jersey for the photos.

        * Please see your Team Rep for picture order forms.


       **The picture schedule for individual and team photos is as follows:


        Tuesday 10/7/14

                       4:00 pm - Mite 1 and Mite 2

                       6:00 pm - Peewee 1 and Peewee 2

                       7:00 pm - Bantam 1


        Wednesday 10/8/14

                       4:00 pm - Mite 3 Red, White & Black

                       5:00 pm - Squirt 1 and Peewee 3

                       7:00 pm - Bantam 2


         Thursday 10/9/14

                        4:00 pm - Novice (All)

                        5:00 pm - Squirt 2 and Squirt 3

                      *6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Make up for any missed individual photos.

                        8:00 pm - Midget

by posted 09/21/2014


The store will only be open from 9/14/15 till 10/5/14. We will make every effort to get orders in prior to Christmas but there is not guarantee.  

Anybody considering purchasing WYHA merchandise for fall/winter including gifts for the holiday would need to do so during this time period because the store will not open again until after the first of the year for a second and final time for the season.

WYHA merchandise will no longer be available through DK's, so this is the only place to purchase WYHA branded items.

 You can   Merchandise Coordinator, with your questions or feedback.

by posted 09/15/2014
Keeping Your Skates Sharp

It’s pretty obvious when you’re falling down that your skates aren’t sharp enough. But beyond that, skate sharpening can be confusing for many. Essentially, a skate blade is sharpened by creating a perfectly rounded valley, centered on the bottom of the blade. This forms a pair of sharp edges at the outer extremities of the blades giving skaters control on the ice. This valley is the hollow, or more precisely the “radius of hollow.”

Regular sharpening is important to maintain the blades of the skate. It removes any light rust that forms on the runner’s bottoms and sides. It also helps to maintain the edges keeping nicks from becoming impossibly deep. Most importantly it restores the edges that allow skaters to propel themselves on the ice. Still the question of how often to sharpen skates is a common one.

More experienced players will notice as the edge on their skates starts to fade. The general rule of thumb is every five to ten games. Over-sharpening your skates doesn’t just cost extra money on the sharpening price—it wastes your steel runners. You should be able to get about 150 sharpenings out of your stainless steel runners. That’s 3 years of use sharpening once a week.

An easy and inexpensive way to maintain sharp skates is with a small honing stone. Hold the stone flat on the side of the blade. Rub up and down the length of the blade five or six times on each side. This will remove any small nicks on the blade and bring back a sharp edge.

If your skates slip sideways when pushing against the ice they are dull. Check for large nicks in the blade edges. If they cannot be removed with a honing stone have your skates sharpened.

Dry your skate blades completely after each use. Always walk on mats to protect your skates or wear skate guards; stay off the cement!

Most players should consider sharpening their skates once or twice a month. Players skating twice a week should have their skates sharpened monthly. Those playing or practicing four or five times a week should typically have their skates sharpened twice a month. 

by posted 09/15/2014

One of the most important development tools for any young player is to have a hockey stick that suits him/her. A long stick (at or above the chin on skates) can be detrimental to a child's development. A stick of proper length should lie with the blade flat on the ice when standing on skates, while holding the knob in the palm of the hand (for most, this is a stick cut shoulder height on skates). A stick of proper length will enable players to handle the puck close to their body, make back hand passes, develop more power in their shot and help them control the puck when moving laterally.

More importantly, proper stick length is required to develop proper skating mechanics. Players with sticks too long for them, straighten up to compensate and do not acquire the deep knee bend vital to improving stride length and frequency. Forward skating requires players to have a 45 degree upper body lean and obviously a long stick impedes this as well.

You can confirm the correct stick length by looking closely at the wear of the tape on the underside of the stick. If the tape is worn close to the tip, then you should probably consider a long stick. If the tape is used in place near the heel, then you probably should consider a shorter stick.

If you have questions regarding your players proper stick length speak with your child’s coach.


Tim McMahon

Communications Director

by posted 09/11/2014
Golf Tournament Fundraiser Brochure

Download the brochure here

by posted 07/20/2014
Save the Date

WYHA is organizing a GOLF TOURNAMENT as a fundraiser for the upcoming season.


Save the Date!!!


Sunday, October 5th, 2014 

12:30 pm

​Tekoa Country Club



​More details to come in the coming months.


by posted 06/19/2014
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