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Westfield Youth Hockey Fire & Ice Tournament Rules
Reviewed/Revised 1/14/20


1) All games will be played under USA HOCKEY rules applying to the age bracket on the ice. Referees have been assigned by the scheduler for the Mass Hockey District 6 referees, and have been approved by the District 6 referee in chief. All referees are USA Hockey and Mass Hockey certified. Please note that the tournament committee will not tolerate abuse of officials and the referees on the ice will have the discretion to call bench penalties for any abuse of officials by fans, parents, or team officials. Abuse penalties called at the end of a game will carry over to the start of your next tournament game. All team officials, players, parents, and fans must follow the “ZERO TOLERANCE” rule listed in the current USA Hockey Rule Book.


2) TEAM AND PLAYER QUALIFICATION: A team is qualified to play a tournament game if (a) the team and all players have been registered before the first game and the team is USA Hockey registered; (b) the tournament registration fee has been paid in full in advance; (c) any suspended coaches or players are not in the locker room, on the bench, or otherwise involved in the game; (d) players on the roster and game sheet are eligible to play. A Player MAY NOT play for more than one team in the tournament. If he/she does, then that player is ineligible and a suspension for the next game shall result for the player and the TWO coaches allowing the player to play. The score of any game where an ineligible player is utilized shall be reversed of the penalized team has won the game; (e) Age criteria for each bracket will follow USA Hockey brackets.


3) MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A team may register a maximum of 20 players for the tournament including goaltenders and may register a maximum of four (4) team officials.


4) GAME SCHEDULES AND TIMING: The official Tournament Schedule shall be provided to each team before the start of the first game. Please note that every attempt will be made to adhere to the schedule, but the Tournament Director may have to make changes once the tournament begins. Accordingly, team managers and coaches are responsible to CONFIRM each game time with the tournament table prior to leaving the arena between games. (Please leave a contact phone number!)


a) Games will commence with a three (3) minute warm-up which shall begin at the designated starting time on the official schedule or when the game actually begins. The timekeeper will determine the warm-up by sounding the buzzer at its conclusion. Teams not ready will FORFEIT warm up time.

b) Teams must be ready to play 30 minutes before the start of the scheduled game. This means in the locker room, skates laced, and ready to take the ice in all respects. Any delays at any time will be subtracted from the time of the first period and a delay of game penalty may be assessed to the team causing the delay at the discretion of the Tournament Official assigned to your game.


5) GAME LENGTHS/PENALTIES: All games will be played with three, 12-minute periods. Flood of ice and warm-up time is not included. There will be no overtime for round robin games. No time outs are allowed in round robin games, but one is allowed in the championship game (60 seconds) at any time. Penalty times will be as follows:


Minor: 1 and ½ minutes

Major: 4 minutes

Misconduct: 10 minutes


Penalty calls may NOT be appealed. Game officials are designated as referees, timekeepers, and tournament officials. Timekeepers are assigned by the Greater Springfield Junior Amateur Hockey League, Inc. If one team accumulates 18 minutes of penalties in one game, that team will automatically forfeit that game. In addition, the Head Coach during that game will be suspended for the remainder of the Tournament. For Championship games, overtime will be played sudden death as follows: 5vs5 for five minutes, 4vs4 for five minutes, and 3vs3 for five minutes, or until one team scores. The 3vs3 must be maintained at all times even in the event of a penalty, i.e., no shorthanded situation can result during the 3vs3. Any player serving a penalty must remain in the penalty box until a stoppage of play occurs after the penalty time has expired.


6) MERCY RULES: A “mercy rule” shall apply as follows: If 6 goals separate the teams at the end of the second period or at any time during the third period, running time shall commence and shall revert back to stop time if the difference becomes less than 6 goals.


7) SCORING AND RATING TEAMS/ TIEBREAKERS: All teams participating in the Fire and Ice Tournament are guaranteed three preliminary round games. Tournament standings will be determined by the following….


All wins shall count for two points, ties for one point, and a loss for zero points.


In each 4-team division, the top 2 Teams will advance to the Championship Game. In a 6-team divison (two three-team pools), the top 4 teams in the division will advance will advance to the playoffs.

If any teams are tied for the ranked positions, the following tiebreaker formula shall apply: 


Tiebreaker #1 is a 5 total points per game:

2 points for each game won

1 point for each game tied

1 point for each period won

1/2 point for each period tied


If, two or more teams in a division have an equal number of total points, their position in the standings will then be determined by:

1) Most wins                                                                                    

2) Head to Head

3) Least goals scored against

4) Team with lowest penalty minute total                                           

5) Fastest goal scored overall in any game

6) Coin toss.


Note: When 3 or more teams are tied, as soon as a team is eliminated by this tiebreaker process, the process moves back to step one for remaining teams.


Note: Goals For and Goal Differential are not considered Tiebreakers. A goal differential of more than 6 goals will not be recognized in any game.


Failure to appear for the game shall result in a forfeiture recorded as 6-0 goal differential awarding 2 points for the win and 5 period points for the tiebreaker. 

8) EJECTIONS AND SUSPENSIONS: Apart from normal rules and penalties, referees may eject a player or team official from the game for the penalties listed below. Suspensions will be assessed by the Tournament Director according to the following criteria:


Game Misconduct
Balance of game and next game; 2 games if in last five minutes
Balance of game and next game; 2 games if in last five minutes
Four (4) Penalties
Balance of game; second offense out of tournament
Abuse of Official
Balance of game and ALL remaining games