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Welcome to the Westfield Youth Hockey Association Online Registration Page.

To be eligible to play in the Westfield Youth Hockey Association, a player must be a resident of one of the below listed towns.

The WYHA Jr Bombers includes Westfield, Southwick, Russell, Montgomery, Huntington, Granville, Tolland, Chester, Blandford, or any town in Connecticut.

Evaluations (8U through 14U):
At the end of each season an evaluation session is held (typically at the end of March or beginning of April) for determining placement on a WYHA team. The assignment to a team is based on the skill of each player demonstrated at the evaluation sessions. All players at 10U level and higher must declare if they are going to tryout for Goalie or Skater. 12U and older skaters can choose to evaluate as either Defense or Forward. A player may only try out for one position, Goalie or Skater, and that is the position they will play for the
entire season.

Registration Process (8U through 14U):  In order for a child to register with Westfield Youth Hockey Association, the following items must be completed by March 4th:

1. Select the appropriate level of play below and register online.

          8U (Mites):           birth years 2016 and sooner

         10U (Squirts):        birth years 2014 & 2015

         12U (Peewee):      birth years 2012 & 2013

         14U (Bantam):      birth years 2010 & 2011

2. Copy of Birth Certificate (If new to WYHA)

3. Jersey’s- Jersey order and payment will be completed at Team Threadworks in the Olympia Ice Arena.  There will be a separate communication sent out about this.

  • Approximately, $250/set is the cost for purchase of home and away jersey.


Evaluation Schedule:

  • For those who are not familiar with our evaluation process, this is not a "try-out".  All registered skaters will be placed on a WYH team . . . no skater will be "cut".  The evaluation process allows us to place your skater on the appropriate team with players of comparable skill level.  For anyone who is not familiar with the evaluation process, please reach out and we can help answer any questions you may have.
  • Evaluations will run between Thursday, March 7th and end on Wednesday, March 13th.  The schedule will be posted on our website.  Please consult the website periodically for schedule updates and pay attention to the email that communications that come out from the association.
  • 12U & 14U level skaters must choose to evaluate as either Defense or Forward.
  • Goalie Evaluation Schedule - This year's goalie evaluations will take place at during the normal player evaluations at Amelia Park.  Each child who is registered as a goalie for 10u - 14u will be required to attend each session for the age group that your child will be playing in for the 2024-2025 season.


  • The cost of a player registration will be $100 (goalie registration fee for full-time goalies is $50). As noted, before we do offer a 3rd skater discount of 50% for families with 3 or more players.
  • Registration fees are due by the first night of your skater's evaluation session. A Westfield Youth Hockey representative will be present to verify that payment has been made.  Only credit card payments will be accepted.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

USA Hockey:

  • The evaluation registration process does not include the USA Hockey registration for the upcoming season.  After April 1st, but before the start of the payment plan on July 1st you must register your skater online with USA Hockey, it’s a separate $56.50 (estimated) registration fee.  Parents will then need to enter their skater's assigned USA Hockey number when setting up the payment information prior to July 1.


We'll release the initial rosters by the end of day Sunday March 17, 2024.

WYHA will continue with the process of placing more players on the lower teams until final rosters are set, however we will be making these final roster spots earlier than ever.  The final roster spots will be announced on Friday, March 29, 2024.  For this to be possible, WYHA will be collecting a commitment payment that is due by end of day Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Commitment Payment:  The commitment will be as follows for the 2024-2025 season and again, is non-refundable:

  • 8U- 14U (Mites – Bantam) = $500

**Note: Please understand this is not an additional cost coming from Westfield Youth Hockey, but a necessary adjustment to pay the increasing ice bills**

This allows you, the members, to know which team your player is on earlier and allows teams to begin the process of planning their seasons far in advance to organize fundraisers and build an essential team bond.  The early commitment also allows WYHA to purchase the appropriate amount of ice, which helps us control our costs and keep ice bills appropriate.

2024-2025 Ice Payment:

For the 2024-25 season we will go with a monthly payment plan.  Once the registration payment and commitment payments are collected, the remaining balance will be broken up into 7 monthly payments.  This will run from July 1, 2024 – January 1, 2025. Each payment will be automatically deducted on the 1st of the month.  The estimated costs per age level are listed below.

  • 6U: $250 per session
  • 8U: $1,500
  • 10U: $1,750
  • 12U: $1,750
  • 14U: $2,050

***Note: The calendar raffle will be handled differently for the 2024-25 season. The $100 payment for the raffle will be a separate fee and will be collected in October 2024.

***Note: all financials will be reviewed prior to start of the season and if there are any necessary adjustments that need to be made, it will be discussed during that month's board meeting.

Monthly Breakdown:

  • Mites - $128.57 per month
  • Squirts/Peewee - $164.28 per month
  • Bantam - $207.14 per month

***Note: Please, note we will offer a 50% discount to all full-time goaltenders in 10U - 14U ages***